How the world ended

The story before the story

The end of the world began three months ago. The shadows infected villages, prisons, and slums – any place thick with common folk but with few of the great and the mighty. Their numbers exploded.

The devastation was stunning, its pace bewildering. The Heroes of the Realms banded together to beat back the invasion. Then Shar slew Mystra and the Spellplague came.

By two months ago, even the most devoted knew the battle was lost. Survival was the only priority. Untold millions of shadows soured the planet inch by inch. But they could not be everywhere at once.

Two weeks ago, the shadows changed their movements. Their masters now had other tasks for them.

Today, there are only a handful of mortal survivors, mostly sheltering in remote temples warded by powerful magic – yet not so powerful or so important as to draw the attention of the unliving masters of the dead.

The world has passed away. What can be done in the next world?



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